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The Fighter (D&D 5e) 45 #484856

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This is a great generalist warrior build. I'd recommend the Lord Stone over the Atronach Stone though, actually. I've tried out the atronach stone on pure warriors in the past, because it seemed like 50% magic absorb should do a really good job of protecting from magic. But, on higher difficulties, it meant that I'd still get destroyed by powerful magic spells constantly. Because half of the time you still take FULL damage from a spell.
The lord stone, meanwhile, adds some physical defense and reduces the damage of all magic attacks, making it a lot more consistent. The magic resist also stacks with Elemental Protection in the block tree. So, with Block Runner, the fighter is probably better just holding up a shield and running at mages, tanking the magic damage with high resistance. That's been my personal experience, at least.

Still, I like the perk choices on this build.

By calciumstrength on Jan 24, 2019
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I'm with you on the Lord Stone. Unless you're willing and able to spec into Alteration for Atronach, the 50% chance means that half the time, you'll get blown up.

By wuyixiang on Jan 30, 2019
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Ooh nice to know, will try out the Lord Stone to see how it fits with the build

By Rayar32 on Jan 24, 2019
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My first language isn't english so if you notice any spelling errors be sure to leave them in the comments

By Rayar32 on Jan 24, 2019
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