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Storm Knight 50 #485167

Heavy armor Mage that uses Lightning Destruction magic and Storm Thralls to disintegrate enemies. Also uses 1h as backup for close combat and Alteration spells for protection. Enchants his own gear and is proficient in Alchemy for self healing.

I play on Nintendo Switch, so this won't include any mods or anything crazy.

Race: Breton
50/50% Magicka/Health
Heavy Armor
1h + Spells
College of Winterhold

Get the Lover's Stone ASAP and use it while leveling. Switch to Atronach later. Use whatever shout(s) you like. Don't forget about your awesome racial ability.

Early on you'll just equip the best heavy armor you can and use Bound Sword (don't take any talents for it, though - it's just to passively level Conjuration. You'll switch to a physical 1h later), Oakflesh, and Destruction spells to engage your enemies. Put your first few points in Novice Conjuration, Novice Destruction, Novice Alteration, and Armsman. After that just refer to this guide and distribute the points evenly between the listed trees. You'll need to use your sword quite often in the beginning until your magicka and spell mastery increase. When you get spare gold, use it for the College skill trainers.

Conjuration (9 points)
- Novice Conjuration
- Apprentice Conjuration
- Adept Conjuration
- Expert Conjuration
- Master Conjuration
- Summoner 1/2
- Atromancy
- Elemental Potency
- Twin Souls
Destruction (7 points)
- Novice Destruction
- Apprentice Destruction
- Adept Destruction
- Expert Destruction
- Augmented Shock 2/2
- Disintegrate
Alteration (10 points)
- Novice Alteration
- Apprentice Alteration
- Adept Alteration
- Expert Alteration
- Master Alteration
- Magic Resistance 3/3
- Stability
- Atronach
Enchanting (8 points)
- Enchanter 5/5
- Insightful Enchanter
- Corpus Enchanter
- Extra Effect
One-Handed (7 points)
- Armsman 5/5
- Fighting Stance
- Savage Strike
Alchemy (7 points)
- Alchemist 5/5
- Physician
- Benefactor
Final Point
Choose one of the following:
- Alteration Dual Casting (longer buffs)
- Destruction Dual Casting (stronger lightning spells)

Healing is done through potions. You'll create your own as you go, as well as the ones you find in your travels. Disenchant magical gear you find and enchant your own with common-sense bonuses. Magicka, Destruction, Shock, etc. Feel out what you need at any given time. I recommend putting Absorb Stamina on your 1h since we aren't talenting Stamina at all. We'll also be using the Lightning Cloak spell when an enemy gets in melee range, which not only does AoE damage every second (and can proc Disintegrate), but also adds damage to your weapon as well (

Endgame you'll use whatever heavy armor and 1h you prefer (Vokun and Nahkriin's masks are good options). You'll summon 2x Storm Thralls to start the fight, followed by buffing with an Alteration spell for self defense (Ebonyflesh, Dragonhide). Then you'll use Destruction spells to disintegrate your enemies with lightning (Chain Lightning, Lightning Bolt, Thunderbolt, etc). If the enemy gets in melee range, pop Lightning Cloak and cut them down with your 1h. We don't take Conjuration Dual Casting because Thralls are permanent already (until killed/turned) so the the skill is completely worthless to us. We also don't take Master Destruction because the magicka to damage ratio of Master level Destruction spells is inferior to that of Expert level, and they have significant ramp-up time.

Shock damage is especially useful against dragons as their fire breath/shouts use magicka. It also travels faster than any other school of magic, and has less enemies that are resistant to it than Frost and Fire. With the Disintegrate perk, you effectively lower the health pool of every enemy because there is a chance to instantly kill them with any Shock damage if their health is below 20% (you can still loot the ash piles, by the way). You'll want to keep a couple other Destruction spells handy, though, for the very rare occasions where you DO encounter an enemy that is resistant to Shock.

I'm writing this on my phone so I apologize it isn't super fancy.

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