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Storm Knight 50 #485167

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By clawshaper on Feb 20, 2019
#7544 Reply
CJ is this char dual wielded or you gonna just swing that sword in single hand ? can you describe it ? (i.e spells on off hand, weapon on main hand ..etc)

By clawshaper on Feb 20, 2019
#7542 Reply
It says right in the description. 1h+spell

By suttonx on Feb 20, 2019
#7543 Reply
This is a pretty good build, it didn't deserve a two star rating.
I would suggest putting in something about making potions of fortify destruction and poisons of weakness to shock, as well. Alchemy is one of the few ways to increase the damage of destruction spells, rather than just reducing the cost.

By calciumstrength on Feb 20, 2019
#7541 Reply
Seems to me damage and defensive skills very strong more than enough, any skill backups or duplicates over other skills slows your leveling. Also I m not suggesting more than 6 skills because it cause skill complexity and character usability can be difficult

By clawshaper on Feb 9, 2019
#7528 Reply
Thanks for the feedback! I guess I was right on the money with the 6 skill trees emoticon

If need be, players can put enchanting on the back-burner while they level the other skills. Starting as a Breton and using Bound Sword in the beginning really helps pump the Conjuration tree up rather quickly as well.

By suttonx on Feb 9, 2019
#7529 Reply