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Gaius Septim 81 #485730

Gaius Septim is a decendant of Martin Septim. During Martin's youth in Kavatch he fell in love with a beautiful young Breton woman named Mora Tempest. However their love was short lived as Martin was in training to become a priest of the Nine. Martin and Mora had a night of long lustful passion and Mora wound up pregnant. Martin wasn't sure what to do so he told his High Priest what had happened. The priest knowing who Martin really was, got angry with Martin and told him he made a terrible mistake. That week Mora was made to leave not only Kavatch but Cyrodill altogether. She moved back to her family homestead in Daggerfall when she lived and died happily. 180 years later Gauis Septim is born, a Breton male with uniquely colored eyes of pure silver and hair to match. He was raised learning the ways of a Witchhunter and became very famous in Daggerfall for his monster hunting and thwarting of necromancy. Unfortunately his fame caught the attention of the Aldmeri Dominion and they began to research into his life. They found out he was decendant of Martin Septim and arrested him. During his imprisonment Gaius learned all about his true bloodline and his heritage and why the Aldmeri Dominion would never let him leave. Using his skills as a Witchhunter Gaius managed to kill his torturer and fled Daggerfall to Cyrodill. There he hoped to learn more of his destiny. Gaius went to Bruma to hopefully find an old friend of his fathers who was a Vigilant of Stendar. Belrand is his name and vampire slaying was his game till he took an arrow to the knee. (Sorry couldn't help it) Belrand and Gaius talked for days about all the adventures he and Gaius' father had. Finally Gauis told Belrand of his situation and Belrand let him know that he could find out more about his bloodline if he want to Skyrim, the orgin of his Lineage. Belrand told him to go to the Hall of the Vigilant and talk with them to learn where to go next. So Gaius set off to Skyrim through the Jerral Moutains. A short time after arriving in Skyrim Gaius spots a camp of Stormcloaks (not knowing who they are) Gaius approaches the camp and asks if he may partake in the warmth of their fire and a portion of their food. They let him join in their merriment and it isn't long before they are ambushed and captured by Imperial Soldiers. From there Gaius Septims' true destiny is only just beginning.

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