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The Hood 74 #485939

The archer was a young lad once he had a family like the rest of us his mom died giving birth to him his father got really depressed since then to the young archer his father was always depressed but he loved his dad his dad would get him all that he needed but not all ways what he wanted the archer finally turned into a man his father was ill from drinking the archer soon figured out that his dad was In a ton of debt the archer has been paying his dad's debt but one day he came home and his dad was dead he knew that his mercenary work might have a dark brotherhood assassin come after him but no he killed his dad so the archer moved into Skyrim In hearing that the dark brotherhood might have a sanctuary there but he ran into a ambush between the imperial and the stormcloaks he got caught and went through the helgen incident (you can choose Hadvar or Ralof it does not matter) he will do the main story line and gladly accept being dragonborn he will destroy the dark brotherhood or you can join them if you want he will do the thieves guild quest line and become the leader he will not kill Perthinaax he uses the following shouts unrelenting force, aura whisper, whirlwind sprint, disarm, drain valiantly, slow time, marked for death, throw voice, elemental fury (to shoot bow faster) become ethereal, fire breath and others that you get In the storyline like dragonrend and clear sky's thank you for looking at my build.

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