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Alexstrasza 52 #485949

Race: Breton

Class: Mage

Stat Distribution (per 6 levels):
3 Health
3 Magicka
0 Stamina

Shouts (fitting would be all of them since Alexstrasza is a dragon herself, but here are the main ones):
Fire Breath
Call Dragon/Summon Durneviir
Bend Will
Dragon Aspect
Call of Valor

FUN FACT: The reason why Alexstrasza is the Non-Overwatch Blizzard character that has the most relation to the Overwatch world is through her direct interactions with Hanzo in Heroes of the Storm, when they were released back-to-back with the Dragons of the Nexus event, which subtly hinted at the two being fond of each other, calling each other "Life Binder" and "Archer", but never by their real names. One could argue that Diablo is closer to the Overwatch universe, since he interacted with two characters from Overwatch (Genji and D.Va, which was more symbolic for Genji, as he narrated the trailer for the two of them, talking about his battles with fear, where he taunted Diablo), but Diablo has less in-game interactions with the two than Alexstrazsa and Hanzo combined.

Fast Healing/Close Wounds
Heal Other
Sun Fire/Vampire's Bane
Stendarr's Aura
Paralyze/Ash Shell
Fire Rune
Conjure Flame Atronach
Conjure Flaming Familiar
Bound Bow
Bound Sword
Summon Arvak

Archmage's Robes
Diadem of the Savant
Spellbreaker (if you want to use this, Ward Absorb might be a nice perk)
Savior's Hide
Dawnguard Rune Axe (Dawnbreaker and this are good for if you want to hunt undead, which makes sense in regards to her eternal fight against Deathwing)
Locket of Saint Jiub
Dragonscale Armor Set
(if you have any other suggestions, let me know! I was tired and in pain when I made this.)

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