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Inquisitor Of Meridia 45 #485968

General Information




Silver Sword (Chaos Damage, Fire Damage)
Steel Plate Helmet (Fortify Restoration, Fortify Magicka Regeneration)
Steel Plate Armour (Fortify Restoration, Fortify Heavy Armour)
Steel Plate Gauntlets (Fortify Heavy Armour, Fortify Carry Weight)
Steel Plate Boots (Resist Frost, Muffle)
— Any Ring (Fortify Heavy Armour, Resist Magic)
— Any Necklace (Fortify Heavy Armour, Resist Magic)


Fast Healing
Sun Fire
Turn Lesser Undead
Close Wounds
Stendarr's Aura
Vampire's Bane
Turn Undead
Circle Of Protection
Turn Greater Undead
Bane of the Undead
Guardian Circle


Aura Whisper
Slow Time
Whirlwind Sprint




The inquisitor of Meridia either starts combat with ranged spells against undead or prepares melee spells like Stendarr's Aura or Bane of the Undead. She will then slash back and forth at her enemies until there are no more standing.
Her armour is enchanted, granting up to 80% cost reduction for restoration magic, magic resistance and some increase to heavy armour skill as well as Fire and Chaos dame enchants on the sword.


While a silver sword may seem like a bad choice for damage dealing because it can not be improved at the grindstone, it can be enchanted on top of its 20 point damage bonus against undead and werewolves. With the right perks in Enchanting and destruction, enchantment damage can go easily over 100. If fire enchants are chosen, undead have a 50% weakness against it, making it over 150 damage plus the 20 flat one from being silver. You dont need smithing emoticon

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