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Gilno, Prince Of Dusk 38 #486003

Gilno, Prince Of Dusk

A time of trials, civil war is coming to the Skyrim. The population lives in constant fear of invasion by vicious dragons and dark forces. Meanwhile, an outlander named Gilno, is about to discover that while people can change the world, the world can also change people.
Redguard (Primary), Argonian, Breton, Dunmer, Imperial,
up to 60
460 Health, 240 Mana, 160 Stamina
robes or casual cloth
Steel, Elven based bows
Thief, Shadow
Slow time, Become ethereal, Elemental fury, whirlwind sprint
Akatosh, Nocturnal, Dibella
Thieves, Dark brotherhood, Mage guild
Recommended spells are Fleshes, Detect live, Paralyze from Alteration
Calm,Fear, Muffle from Illusion
[General Progression]
This character is more likely to play Nightblade role and attempted adapt for skyrim world, therefore some features may be more or less then known other versions.
Character level is up to 60 that mean its enough to unlock all creatures and enemies in skyrim except DLC expansions, but you can make your skills legendary for DLC contents.
[Armor Progression]
Novice to master Alteration Robes recommended or able to wear clothes
[Weapon Progression]
Start with hunting bow, upgrade to steel and elven based bows, any heavier weapons then these weapons breaks your speed
Also character able to start with one handed (dual wield) skill instead archery skill, if one handed prefered, you can use steel and elven based weapons again
weapon combination will be like this:
Offhand __ Main hand
Dagger x Dagger
Dagger x Sword (default)
Spell x Sword
[Magic Progress]
Alteration favored for usual nightblade skills such as paralyze, detecting etc.. also able to cast other spells if needed
There is no need to use the sneak skill and invisibility same time or together, it would make the char overpowered and skill complexity, so the invisibility skill limited to 60 sec as shout.
Also, illusion skills above apprentice and some illusion perks skipped because, these skills belong to sorcerer most likely (frenzy etc..)
Fortify sneak ring
Dibella neck + blessing dibella + Gift of charity
Fortify magicka helmet / circlet
Character is Chaotic Neutral, which is mean to be "Free Spirit"

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