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Stormherald 43 #486055

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This is a very good build but if the main weapon you use is two-handed weapons, how would you be able to use firebolt or other destruction spells. I'm wondering this because I don't want to put my skill points in destruction and not use a single destruction spell. Thanks and have a good day!

By Warhawk on Mar 16, 2019
#7560 Reply
Just switch it up. Start by flinging a few fireballs into the fray, then simply cast flame cloak on yourself, equip your warhammer and then charge on in. To be honest, as I got to a higher level and mastered destruction, I stopped using ranged destruction spells all together. My typical bandit-raid involved activating a flame cloak and charging in or, for a bit of fun, being extra destructive with fire storm.

By pinkpixels on Mar 17, 2019
#7561 Reply
Okay. Thank you! emoticon

By Warhawk on Apr 11, 2019
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