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Arya Stark 50 #486751


Arya was born and raised at Winterfell. She has an older sister, Sansa, an older brother Robb, two younger brothers Bran and Rickon Stark, and a "bastard half-brother" Jon Snow.[3]

Arya rejects the notion that she must become a lady and marry for influence and power. Instead, she believes that she can forge her own destiny. She is fascinated by warfare and training in the use of arms, and is bored by embroidery and other "lady-like" pursuits. She takes after her father and has a quarrelsome relationship with her sister Sansa, due to their contrasting interests and personalities. She is close to her "half-brother" Jon, who is also something of an outsider.

Again I made a silly video about this build which you can find here if you're interested:

Stat Distribution (Per 5 Levels)

Health: 1
Stamina: 3
Magicka: 1

Race: Nord
Class: Assassin
Standing Stone: Shadow Stone

Equipment: (Note: Mod is Required, in the mods Tab)

Master of Disguise Mod Link for Oldrim:

Head: Arya's Hood (I personally don't equip this)
Armor: Arya's Armor
Gauntlet/Gloves: Arya's Gloves
Greaves/Boots: Arya's Boots
Misc: Arya's Cape (Optional)

Lots of poisons/Lingering

Right Hand: Needle
Left Hand: (Optional)
Ranged: (Optional)


No companions this time

Stealth, Illusion, One-handed Sword

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