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King Arthur 49 #486848

Arthur Pendragon was born in Skyrim a nord warrior (I know the Breton race are the closest to the British culturally speaking but since this is Skyrim I felt it would be the best race to use) the wizard Merlin took the child and raised him in the wilds of Cyrodil he will return and hearing that the high king of Skyrim is dead Arthur decides to take his place as the new high king of Skyrim.

Arthur will arrive from Cyrodil and is arrested by the imperials and nearly being executed Arthur will escape and go to Riverwood.

Now the main quests you want to do are the civil war quest line, main story, and dragonborn if you want to do others like make him a companion and a werewolf go ahead, do dawnguard and be a vampire then go ahead but keep in mind Arthur is a nobel king and knight.

wear imperial armors because while medieval legends says he looked like a typical knight and went after the grail and did the grail quest but the original legends from the 5th or 6th century he wouldn't have worn knight armor he would have worn roman armor since the roman empire had just pulled out of England.

for Mods I recommend you do are ordinator, some sort of excalibur mods, and any mod that makes you high king and allows you to either marry Elisif or take the throne from her I leave it to you.

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