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The Holy Warrior 65 #486993


The Holy Warrior is of noble birth and when he came of age he was knighted by his lord. Upon his knighthood he was approached by several different groups all seeking his enlistment to their ranks and the furthering of their political prowess. He found particular interest in the divines and joined the followers of Arkay. During his training, he received a message in the form of a dream. The message was from Arkay himself, giving the Holy Warrior a quest. He confers with his leaders and finds that others have received the same dream. After completing his training with them, he, his fellow new recruits and a team of veterans were sent to the land of Skyrim in order to cleanse the land of the impure, unjust and the living dead per their divine mandate set forth by the quest given to them.

Fueled by his devotion he and his companions set out to cross the mountains of Skyrim, only to be caught in the crossfire of a skirmish between the Imperial Legion and the Stormclocks. After the battle he realizes that many of his companions have been slain. Some seem to be missing and others were captured by the remaining forces of both sides. The Holy Warrior finds himself alone, striped of his gear and imprisoned by the Imperials, his last thought is to continue his quest in the name of his fallen comrades.


*Background designed for Vanilla Skyrim*
*Compatible with all mods.*
Character start will be determined by any Alternate beginning mod.

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