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The Visionary 83 #487745

Born to a Bosmer Mother and Nord father he was an outcast in the beginning. However, over time he would show great potential at bows but his father who referred to himself as a 'clever man' would let him read these books on his fathers' heritage and history. This fascinated him since they all lived in valenwood and he would go on to show signs of interest in Nordic culture wrestling with the other kids and using weapons other than a bow. His mother was just happy to see her child so full of life and his father was as proud as ever to see his sun glow in his peoples' culture. He taught his son novice restoration and over time he became interested in the arts. However, in his rebellious teenage stage, he started to become enveloped in books and rather than asking for foreign woods and supplies he asked only for more books. Over time he would start to question the prospect of the Green Pact. This was the last straw. The poster tolerated the foreigners, dealt with an unnatural union but to have a son that goes on to become in a way a symbol against the green pact would call for some unprecedented unrest and there became much discrimination. Soon kids would call the visionary a savage or book worm. One day he came home only to find out that his mother had fallen ill and his father was getting pushed away by the people. He took his restoration skills and attempted to heal them however he wasn't experienced enough and he remembered a recipe that called for some leaves found only in the forest of valenwood and some berries with deer fat. Sadly this angered the villagers enough to assassinate both parents before the herbs could take full effect. The assassins were green pact radicals who always gave them trouble. The Nord in him led him to hunt them all down but afterward, he refused to eat them a rather as a sign against the green pact. He set his sights on Skyrim to connect with his father's homeland and make a home for himself there. He, however, was caught on the carriage to helgen when he attempted to help a stormcloak Nord against an imperial since bosmer don't really support thalmor or the empire. After escaping helgen he does his best to blend in with society and change the view of elves but he also takes these experiences in Skyrim to freely study alchemy, restoration, and the way of the voice. Becoming Dragonborn helps with the Nord image as he aims to write a book so powerful against the green pact that it shakes the bosmer culture in hopes to expel such close-minded thinking.
Companions: To make his father proud and prove himself
College of Winterhold: To become better adept at protection magics so he can never lose a life again due to no knowledge however becoming arch-mage is optional really
Stormcloaks: After Dragonborn or becoming stormcloak then Dragonborn is up to you but he will definitely side with the Nords his father's people in claiming Skyrim is his home too and explaining his father was a Nord.
The Bow of the Hunt
Kynes token
Nordic Sword
Clothes or light armor up to you, Dragon bone bow is an optional sub.

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