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Demon Lord 78 #487762

A Breton born to a noble family who fell out of power. His parents took all their frustrations out on him. He got tired of the illusion they would try to project on him as some poor peasant and they the noble that he read a book about molag bol and sought to become a walking mortal symbol and sought to dominate tamriel in his name. He worked the forge both arcane and in the town center using the money left before the decline in the family stock to ultimately gain enough power to conjure a daedric weapon to steal souls and used his first mastery of mystical bind to bind his parents souls in gems that he kept on him. He sought out the famed rough lands of warriors Skyrim. If he could kill the boss then the lackies would follow seeing as both the dominion is weakened and the empire needs nord muscle otherwise they too will fall. He will concur all in his path
He joins the dark brotherhood to provide himself with a mini army of fear bringing assassins. Hoping to usurp Astrid in which he succeeds in doing.
Then he will set his sights on Harkons Throne as a Vampire Lord
Not satisfied with the power of the thu'um relenting force he proceeds to Learn all he can from parthanaax until he sees his old teacher as unnecessary and disposes of him.
Morality: Anything you want to gain power and demonstrate it. Even by being thane in each hold leading to corrupt connections.

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