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Astrape Lighting Goddess 70 #487834

Astrape is a lightning mage that also uses a war axe. She is a nord but does not worship any gods. She despises the so called gods and wants to challenge them all. The only god that she sees has worthy is Talos. She believes that you have to earn your spot has a god. She still doesn't worship Talos but sees him has her goal in life. She hates that the one "god" that she sees has worthy is being belittled by the Thalmor and their Imperial slaves. She will do everything in her power to help the stormcloaks win the war.

Astrape got her power to wield lighting when she was coming into skyrim there was a power full thunder storm when she was crossing the boarder back into skyrim. Not only was there a storm but also a battle. She ran towards it to help when she was suddenly struck by lightning. When she woke up she was on a wagon in chains.

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