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The Immortal Mage 52 #488169

Now for this build you will be a necrovampire so do that before doing the artronach perk and atronach stone. so lets just get the gear and the stuff ready. helmets I guess will be falmer and Ahzidal mask with deadric Armour, and rings and necklace with reduce destruction cost. the falmer helm would be the same as well then I would suggest using a chest plate with health boost as it second enchant and any thing else you find useful from there. now your spells will be fireball early on then when you get expert destruction it would become Incinerate. you're race can be either high elf or dark elf. now for some roleplay, as a child you were always weirdly good at magic. one day as a early teen you asked you're mom and dad if you could go and learn even more about magic. they said yes and you were sent off to learn magic. then one day, midway through you magic learning career you got a note from the courier that said that you're mom and dad was murdered by a mysterious killer. you went back home and helped bury them. as well you were in a murderous rage and found the killer. even more angry you became the jury judge and executioner. making him write a note said I killed them and then slowly burned him. satisfied you went back to the school and continued learning. when you finally finished school you heard of groups of evil cultists, vampires, assassins. and then also a magical college. so you went to skyrim hoping to enhance you're skills by becoming a vampire then murdering every single vamp assassin and cultist there but as you get you get mistaken for a storm cloak. we all know what happens after.

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