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Vampire Prince 56 #488732

The Vampire Prince is a dark elf, raised in Morrowind to a noble house. When he was young, the Prince learned that he had a natural ability with magic, casting frost spells with ease. He was also taught to hone is melee abilities, proving to be a very competent dueler. In private, however, the Prince would visit the crypts and practice necromancy on his deceased ancestors, a dire crime. Eventually, the Prince was discovered in the crypt by his father, who was appalled and horrified. To the Prince, the dead were wasted rotting in crypts, and he never hid his feelings. as punishment, the Prince was exiled from Morrowind and stripped of his wealth and status. He was sent on a ship to Skyrim, where he traveled south toward Cyrodil, but was caught at the border in an Imperial ambush. The Prince will soon learn of the Dragon threat and will travel to Whiterun where he will work to earn gold for his travels. During this time, he will stumble upon a group of vampires in a cave, where he will contract vampirism. The change will drove the Prince to grow his power, vowing to one day take revenge upon his family.

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