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Nord Hero 56 #488770

The Hero was born of humble origins, being raised on a farm by his father. Growing up, the Hero was told stories of noble worries from Tamriel?s past, who fought against tyranny and evil. The Hero particularly loved the stories about Tibet Septim. Every night, the Hero and his father would pray to the gods to watch over them and all of Skyrim. When the War of the Red Diamond began, the Hero?s father rode south, never to return. When the war was over, the Hero was forced to hide his worship of Talos, staying true to his father?s teachings. One day, an Imperial missive told him that his father?s remains had been buried in Cyrodil, just East of Chorrol. The Hero then set out to pay respects to his father?s resting place, selling his father?s farm before he left. When he finally arrived at the grave sight, the Hero knelt and prayed. On his journey home, the Hero learned that a rebellion had begun in Skyrim, and that Jarl Ulfic Stormcloak was fighting for the independence of Skyrim. The Hero returned home, eager to fight alongside his Nord brothers and sisters, but was captured at the border during an Imperial raid and taken to Helgen.

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