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The Magic Merchant 38 #488947

The Magic Merchant build can be used by any race or gender but the description will use my argonian character and her backstory.

Born a slave to a family of dummer our argonian was never given a name to belittled her farther. Right after being born are tiny argonian lass was thrown into a cell stuffed with withering argonian women in till she was of age to be worked. The family of dummer whom were her masters ran an illegal, underground brothel that would let the patrons have "alone time" for a few extra coin. In the brothel are lass was tossed around like a rag doll between men everyday in till her late teens when finally the vile place was raided by the Aldmeri Dominion for skmoa trafficking. For a couple of days the lass wonder about nameless, hungry, and on the verge of death when a family of merchant khajiit took pity on her. The khajiit named her Za'hana and taught her the art of being a merchant.

Now in days Za'hana lives in skyrim selling her wares where ever the coin is ripe.

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