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The Dwemer Guardian 100 #488989

If Anyone Uses Or Likes the Dwemer Guardian Character Build, PLEASE Comment. I Would LOVE To Hear What You Think!
Race will be a Dark Elf or High Elf customized to look like one of the Dwemer; If Mods are usable on the gaming system: any number of Lore Friendly Dwemer Race Mods can be Used, "The Dwemer were Not Actually Dwarves, such as the Dwarves seen in Lord of The Rings... they in truth were as tall as, if not taller than any of the other races on Nirn."
Gear: Dwarven/Dwemeri Armour Full Set, the Visage of Mzund Helmet, Volundrung, Keening, Spellbreaker, if Dawnguard is installed Any Atherial item (Atherial Staff, Crown, and/or Atherial Shield) can be used, also if Mods are Available Both Keening and Sunder can be used, also if doing full roll play for the Dwemer Guardian: can wear Arch Mage Robes or if with Dragonborn Add-On: Televani or Dunmeri Robes, when not in combat or when at rest.
Gameplay: The First Dwemer Guardian is more of a pacifist and scholar, but when the Guardian is challenged or put in danger: the Guardian then (when at a distance from the threat) becomes a tempest of lost arcane powers including: The Breath of Nchuak, Chain Lightning, Dwemer Automaton Summon Spells, etc. When close to an enemy, the Guardian would use either two handed weapons such as: Volendrung or a Dwarven Warhammer, or make use of Keening or a Dwarven Sword along with spells, or if mods are used maybe even Keening and Sunder.
The Second Dwemer Guardian uses the same battle tactics, but is very different in personality. This version is also a scholar and battle mage, but this Guardian is an arrogant, cruel, as well as being almost racist. Except that I don't believe that racism is equivalent to seeing every single being in existence as inferior to ones self, and that is exactly what the Second Version of the Guardian believes.

Main Version:
The Dwemer Guardian is the last of the Dwemer. The Dwemer Guardian had been trapped in the Daedric Realm of Hermaeus Mora during the time of the Dwemeri Disappearance; just as Yagrum Bagarn, from Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, had also been trapped in a Daedric Realm. He has sworn to defend all Dwemer Ruins and collect all Dwemer Artifacts, including those that are currently Daedric such as Volendrung, in hopes that one day the Guardian would one day be reunited with the rest of his race.

Alternate Version:
The Dwemer Guardian is a Dwemeri Lord reincarnated as a Dark Elf. HIs ultimate mission is to search and excavate all Dwemer Ruins and collect all Dwemer Artifacts, including those that are currently Daedric such as Volendrung, in order to resurrect the ancient Dwemeri Empire. Once this is completed the Dwemer Guardian will then achieve the last quest of the Dwemer Race... by rebuilding the Numidium, enslaving Tamriel, and finally achieving godhood.

The perks used by this build are for those that wish to completely fulfill The Dwemer Guardian. These exact perks aren't necessary, but should be the target for this build.

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