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Raiden, God Of Thunder 66 #489473

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Do you need to spend 11 perks for restoration?

By Elomar on Jun 25, 2019
#7629 Reply
Not necessarily, only if you want to use the aspect of Raiden that has healing powers. He's only been shown using them in the past two games and the comics series, and even then, pretty sparingly. The worst injury he healed was a hole through Fujin's chest, and Fujin's another god, so he could heal from that pretty easily with help. All we've seen of the healing powers were mostly minor, so all those Restoration perks aren't completely necessary.

By Mysterystar on Jun 25, 2019
#7630 Reply
Yeah I thought that it wasn't necessarily so to go as high as expert resto. I do suggest putting perks on the block tree right side if you're using twohanded.

By Elomar on Jun 25, 2019
#7631 Reply
Never really used the Block tree, so I guess I always assumed it was just for Shields.

By Mysterystar on Jun 26, 2019
#7632 Reply