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Arch-Mage 53 #489589

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Nice edit. A true archmage indeed. Thumbs up emoticon

By Elomar on Jul 1, 2019
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I think this is a really cool build. Next, you could make a backstory. It doesn't have to be absolutely massive like how fudgemuppet do it. It could just be a simple who, what, when where, why and how. Maybe they are good-hearted but accidentally blew up a town when they were a child and have been on the run ever since. Maybe they use their power as a way to help the thalmor conquer Skyrim. Just simple ideas like this can really flesh out a character.

By Z3DD on Jun 30, 2019
#7637 Reply
Also i have a build planned just to where i can implement a very good back story

By zodinfire on Jun 30, 2019
#7640 Reply
if thats how you want to see it then fine. I let you come up with your own backstories. it makes it more fun for you and less work for me

By zodinfire on Jun 30, 2019
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I think being an archmage needs to have a little of every school of magic, and at least a master of one. Don't be shy on putting a little bit more perks on illusion. When it comes to role-playing, the archmage should be able to mentor the students in every school.

One more suggestion though. Just in case it gets up close and personal, it's still helpful to be a little skilled with a one handed weapon. At level 43, the build still has plenty of achievable perk space. Hope it helps. Great job with the build, and thanks for sharing emoticon

By Elomar on Jun 28, 2019
#7633 Reply
Will Edit

By zodinfire on Jun 29, 2019
#7635 Reply