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Scorpion 57 #489620

Race: Dark Elf (for racial power)
Sex: Male
Class: Assassin, Spellsword

Shouts: Fire Breath, Dragon Aspect, Become Ethereal

Spells: Every damn fire spell in the game. Mostly, Incinerate, Flame Cloak, and Fire Storm.

Note: You'll be using swords for general kombat. Daggers for sneak attacks and backstabs. If you wanna add Dual Wielding, have a sword and a dagger out at the same time!

Recommended Weapons: Blades Sword (With Fire Damage Enchantment), Bolar's Oathblade (Early game), Dragonbane, Dawnbreaker, Mehrune's Razor, Blade of Woe, Keening, Nightingale Blade.

Recommended Armor: Thieve's Guild Set, Guild Master's Set, Nightingale Set, Shrouded or Ancient Shrouded Set, Miraak.

Note: Unfortunately, there's only one ability in the game that pulls in enemies, and it's a spell exclusive to Vampire Lords. emoticon I also noticed while making this build, it's a lot more viable than most of the builds I've made. emoticon HAVE FUN WITH THIS ONE! When I get to test it myself, I'll be more than happy.

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