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Sub-Zero 59 #489687

IMPORTANT NOTE: This build is going primarily off of Sub-Zero in MK11, so he's got war axes. Deal with it.
Race: Breton
Sex: Male (I swear, I'll make a female build soon.)
Class: Battlemage/Assassin

Shouts: Frost Breath, Ice Form, Drain Vitality

Spells: Pretty much every frost spell, Bound Sword/Battleaxe (coupled with the Mystic Binding perk, you won't need the Soul Trap enchantment), Summon Frost Atronach.

Note: Spells from the Conjuration Tree are optional.

Weapons: Any one-handed axe enchanted with Frost Damage.

Armor: Ancient Shrouded Set, Nightingale Set, Morokei, Stalhrim Light Armor, Chitin Armor, Scaled Armor, Guild Master Set

Note: Not sure if this build will be terribly viable, I guess I'll find out once the power comes back on (God knows when that'll be.) I do like war axes though...

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