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Skarlet 51 #489688

Note: This is a Vampire Lord build, requiring Skyrim: Special Edition or the Dawnguard DLC.

Race: High Elf or Dark Elf
Sex: Female (FINALLY!)
Class: Assassin/Vampire Lord

Shouts: Drain Vitality, Marked for Death, Become Ethereal

Note: For roleplaying purposes and to stay accurate with the game (specifically Mortal Kombat 11), the only material weapons you'll really be using are daggers. The Bladesman perk is used for Bound Swords. In MK11, Skarlet uses blood to lengthen her dagger and shape it into different weapons, such as a sword, a scythe, and a javelin. Conjuration magic is used to emulate that. Restoration magic is used for self-preservation and the Necromage perk, which will allow you to heal much faster.

Spells: Bound Sword, Healing, Fast Healing/Close Wounds, All the Blood Magic Spells Vampire Lords get to use.

Weapons: Any dagger you can find, this includes unique, enchanted ones. But, for crafted weapons, use the Absorb Health enchantment. The one material sword you will ever find yourself using is Harkon's Sword.

Armor: Any Light Armor that suits a Vampire Lord. Some examples are Vampire Lord Armor, Vampire Armor (Red Variant), Savior's Hide, Ancient Shrouded Set, etc.

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