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Ghost Dog 32 #489717

Born in Hammerfell, his father was a soldier and his mother a historian. His father taught him to fight and to handle himself in the old style of the alakir soldiers from eras ago, training was mundane to the boy where as he would rather listen to his mother. His mother a historian told him about stories of the akavir, great warriors who were the dragon guard and emperors guardians she told him of his heritage being linked to great akavir warriors such as his grandfather, Baurus who was one of the emperors personal guards, who helped Uriel septim Vll to escape daedric assassins and also set the hero of Kvatch on his journey to Jaufree. This would explain Baurus's akaviri katana on the mantle piece presented on a solid oak stand with a wooden sheath clean as the day it was first made. Ghost grew up however with not great tragedy as his father was killed while fighting a thalmor group led by Elewen who tried to attack members of a local inn. To honour his fathers legacy he joined the army and quickly rose the ranks, however this did not satisfy him so he left as he caught wind of a blades agent in skyrim and hoped to breathe fire into the organisation. But he was caught at the border your journey starts here.

Mourners clothes
Black boots
Blades sword/ rename to Baurus's katana
Talos amulet

Dark brotherhood
Blades quests
Main questline

He will kill any thalmor he sees for revenge
He will pray to the akaviri gods, Po tun
He will train up his sword play
Go to shrines and pray for the blessings
He will kill the head of the thalmor Elewen for vengeance
Read rise and fall of the blades as this is his code

One handed is used as he is proficient with his grandfathers katana because of the training from his father, he will now use it to lop of thalmor heads.

Alteration is used because of just normal clothes as protection he will need more to protect himself against blade wielders and magic foes.

Sneak is used so he can bypass guards to assassinate his targets and thalmor diplomats.

Lockpick is used to get in anywhere he needs to go and to prevent him from missing his targets and losing valuable information.

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