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Ghost Dog 32 #489717

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The lockpick perks are pretty useless. Otherwise, the perk spread seems okay. How come you don't advance to expert alteration for the paralyze spell and ebonyflesh?

By calciumstrength on Jun 30, 2019
#7636 Reply
Alteration is used because he doesnt wear armor so he needs protection against enemies when up close. Lock pick is used so he can get through anywhere to kill his target.

By bountyboy51 on Jun 30, 2019
#7638 Reply
You can pick any lock easily without the perks, though. And unbreakable isn't that useful when the game throws lockpicks by the hundreds at you.

I understand the alteration, I was asking why you didn't go deeper into alteration for the expert level spells.

By calciumstrength on Jun 30, 2019
#7641 Reply
I added the alteration expert perk and I added the lockpick perks so it would be easier to get in places and him being a assassin.

By bountyboy51 on Jul 1, 2019
#7643 Reply