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Legate 38 #489931

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guys, when we re creating a build actually we re appointing its skill level not total level , so in this build skill level is 38, juggernaut, armsman, block and other skill ranks (for spells novice, adept, apprentice..) designed for enemy scales, so if your armsman rank maximum 5/5 that mean you re ready for highest level enemies in skyrim and those 5/5 juggernaut, 5/5 armsman , 5/5 block is shows legate strong enough to take down any enemy in skyrim

By clawshaper on Jul 9, 2019
#7652 Reply
I agree up to some extent. Storm cloak officers, bandit chiefs, bears, sabrecats, trolls can all be easily defeated with 5 of 5 of those skills. Good point also that these stats can qualify as a legate.

However, I still disagree that it isn't strong enough against strong magic users. At level 38, there are already enemies powerful enough to blast a juggernaut like it was a torchbug. It's still highly recommended to have magic resistance buffs.

Also, if role-playing the build, I believe imperial battlemages are still subordinate to the legate, so it's really best that the build should be able to squash any magic user.

By Elomar on Jul 11, 2019
#7653 Reply
It's a super warrior build. Great for role-playing a true imperial legionnaire. However, how is it different from a legionnaire? Isn't a legate supposedly on a higher level? The only thing I could see that could put the build at level 38 in a world of trouble is magic. High level magic users like dragon priests can turn one's armor into burning paper. I suggest getting more magic resistance buffs. emoticon

By Elomar on Jul 9, 2019
#7651 Reply
Solid build. I'm surprised you didn't go for the 100 enchanting capstone perk for double enchantments.
I do think you put far too many points into stamina, though. Especially since with the Respite perk in restoration you'll have all the stamina you could ever want.

By calciumstrength on Jul 6, 2019
#7646 Reply
It's Meant for sprinting into enemies and power striking with your sword. I wanted to focus more on a warrior type build

By zodinfire on Jul 7, 2019
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