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Giant Dad 43 #490166

The Man, The Myth, The Legend has invaded Skyrim, if you don't want to die, spread the Word of the Father of Giants.


Mask of the Father (Volsung) = Equip Load Increse
Giant Chest (Dwarven chest) = Stamina Regen + Stamina Increase
Giant gauntlets (Dwarven gauntlets) = Stamina Regen + Stamina Increase
Giant Legs (Dwarven Boots) = Stamina Regen + Stamina Increase

Bass Canon (Skyforge Steel Greatsword) = Chaos + Life Drain

FaP Ring (Gold Ring) = Health Increse + Stamina Increse

Havel's Ring (Silver Necklace since you can't wear two Rings) = Equip Load Increse

Unrelenting Force

Race isn't Important as long as it doesn't have a Tail (so no Argonians or Khajit)

Sadly no Black Flame since there is no black Fire Magic, if someone can Point me towards a mod with black Fire Magic i'd be very Grateful

Stat Location: (0/1/1)

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