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Malacath?s Chosen 45 #490327

We?re going to chose orc because of the theme and the berserker rage. At the start of the game we?re gonna wanna grind our sneak in that cave by setting the difficulty to legendary just before the bear and sneak attacking the guy that you chose to go with until you level up, put the point into the first perk of sneak, that will speed things up, keep legendarying it until you hit about 55, then leave the cave after killing the bear, don?t forget to turn the difficulty back if you don?t want things to be impossible. After that, it?s pretty simple, get volendrung, get daedric armor, favor daedric princes all of the time, get daedric bow and arrows, do the companions questline while curing your lycanthropy, join imps, become thane of markarth, and of course finish the main/dlc questlines. Oh yeah, and ring of namira for the stamina machine combo with volendrung. And as far as stats, get stamina to base 250 and then put the rest into health and watch as you become an unkillable monster tank.

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