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The Chimera 60 #490551


The spawn of ancient darkness within the heart of Tamriel, The Chimera lurks in the shadows of Skyrim, after escaping its captors the Chimera's draconian lineage shows and Alduin?s very presence challenges the Chimera?s dominance. Now the Chimera sets forth to grow in power. With its monstrous flames, poisonous breath and sharp projectiles, the Chimera with dominate all who stand in its way, even the Eldest of Akatosh.

This build is based around the Greek myth of the Chimera a child of Echidna and Typhaeos. As a twist due to the setting, it?s no longer simply serpent, goat and lion, but something more local, dragon, goat and saber cat.

The Build:

Race: Any: Dunmer or Bosmer would be beneficial, dunmer for the fire resistance and destruction bonus, bosmer for the poison resistance and archery.
Standing Stone: The lover stone to level->Serpent Stone for a poisonous projectile.
Alignment: Neutral-Villain: Mostly self-motivated and selfish.


This part was kind of tricky but I?ve found that doing a mix of pieces of the armor of the old gods or scaled armor along with dragon scale armor fits the description of a dragon, goat, and saber cat hybrid. Use enchantments for destruction, sneak, and archery to maximize output. And use any kind of jewelry you see fit. I do think the Ring of Namira would be a bonus and eating your fallen enemies would only add to the build.


For your bow and arrows, use your highest-ranking damage bow and arrows for your level. If possible use a dragon bone bow and arrows. For the enchantment of the bow, I would suggest Fire damage, which is augmented by your destruction perks, and an absorb health enchantment. And on top of this, poison your arrows whenever possible as chimeras are known for their venom.

Major Skills:

Archery: One of the two damage outputs used, archery is used to take down foes from the shadows you lurk in.

Destruction: The second of the two specialized to damage your foes. Specialize in fire damage, burning all prey once spotted within the shadows that you stalk them in.

Alchemy: Along with your normal damage from your arrows, poison shall be added for various purposes, though mostly for health damage.

Minor Skills:

Sneak: This will be used to assist in your pursuit of prey. Stalking them from the shadows.

Enchanting and Smithing: To assist in your equipment and weapons.

Light Armor: This is to augment your choice of armor, as both parts of the combination are light.


Fire Breath: An obvious choice due to your fire specialization.
Dismay: A terrifying roar unleashed on your foes.
Dragon Aspect: Let your draconian lineage take hold and bolster your flame breath.
Bend Will: Let your enemies bow down before the ultimate predator.


This build is centered around the domination of others. Further your power and dominion by becoming thane in all holds, and by mastering a myriad of factions. The Chimera doesn?t shy away from bloodshed so the Dark Brotherhood is very fitting to join. If you so choose, use mods to expand your gameplay.

This build was tons of fun for me to play! Feel free to give it a try and change things up to fit your needs!

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