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Valeera Sanguinar 72 #490631

Race: Wood Elf or High Elf

Sex: Female

Class: Assassin

Standing Stones: Thief Stone or Mage Stone (early game), Shadow Stone (mid game), Lady Stone (late game, after you get the Invisibility spell or Shadowcloak of Nocturnal ability)

Note: This is one of the more viable builds I have created, though it is the first to not specifically require you to enchant items. Usually, I don't use Alchemy (given that I find it much more of a pain than Enchanting and that it usually takes up more of my inventory space), but through playing Valeera in Heroes of the Storm, many of her talents have an herbal theme (namely Active Talents called "Thistle Tea" and "Wound Poison" among others), and her stealthed basic abilities in general can easily be replicated using certain types of poisons (Assassinate = Regular Poison, Cheap Shot = Paralysis Poison, Garrote = Lingering Health Poison/Frostbite Venom). I do enjoy using Frostbite Venom occasionally, as well as Paralysis Poisons (I've found them especially useful when fighting giants) and this build is basically my opportunity to use them more often, as well as try to get some use out of Frenzy Poisons for once.

Spells: Invisibility, Fear, Fury, Frenzy/Frenzy Rune, Paralysis, Ash Rune/Ash Shell, Muffle

Shouts: Whirlwind Sprint, Become Ethereal, Aura Whisper, Throw Voice (for fun with the Quiet Casting perk), Disarm, Drain Vitality, Elemental Fury (since you won't really be using enchanted weapons), Marked for Death, Slow Time (also for fun).

Items: Nightingale Armor Set, Keening, Mehrune's Razor, Thieves' Guild Set, Guild Master's Set, Ancient Shrouded Armor Set, Savior's Hide

Second Note: If you do the Dawnguard DLC, both paths are viable, however, the Vampire Lord path will be more conducive to the build itself.

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