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The Witcher (Spellsword) 65 #490659

Professionals, killers, hunters, wanderers looking for coin... witchers.

That is how the local folk have called this spellswords in the path, monster slayers and exorcists trained in the cold of the north of cydorill,to solve the problems others can't solve, but their infamy is for how they manage to do it... more or less with a bloody silver sword and savage rage

in this build i try to make a fitting way to put this play style in a lore friendly way, inspired for the spellsword class from oblivion and the witcher trade we can see in the world of geralt of rivia

for signs the witchers use low level spells used in a more tactic way

Aard: Unrelenthing Force
Quen: StoneFlesh plus Lighting cloak
Igni: Flames and Firebolt
Yrden: all the Runes, because is used like a trap (fire for trolls, vampires, undead and specters, frost for bandits and humanoid beings, and shock for dragon priests or magic users)
Axii: nord or imperial racepower, Bend Will and Dragonrend

Along that the witchers use restoration spells for healing because their potions are toxic and can be used in a vicious way, only they used potions that can boost their regeneration and boost of stamina and health, but not healing ones

They use two-handed steel swords for swordmanship combat, and one-handed silver swords for hunting their prey, alas some use crossbows for vampires and dragons

They can use light or heavy armor is what they can prefer

in this kind of fan lore they are mutains because of experiments with children using vials with beast blood, so they have inmunity for disease and poisons (this is from the mod Lupine, use the left perk tree)

Equipment (Vanilla):

-Skyforge Steel Greatsword(or the sword you can found in the monolite in solstheim that is a reference to Morrowind), Ebony Blade ,Bloodskaal Blade or Nordic Carved Greatsword
-Silver Sword(thanks to usleep you can improved the silver swords and enchant it),Dragonbane or Dawnbreaker
-Enhanced Steel Crossbow

-Nordic Carved

Mods used for this build are:

-Ultimate Combat
-Ultimate Dragons
-TK Dodge
-Mortal Enemies
-Archery Gameplay Overhaul
-Moonlight Tales
-Equiping Overhaul (use Racemenu and XPMSE to customized the weapon position or use witcher sword-like position mod)
-Enhanced Camera
-Lock on(optional)
-Geralt of Rivia Follower (if you want a master of some sort)
-Notice Board
-Convenient Horses

Optional Mods (Armor And Weapons):

Manticore Armor
GrandMaster Ursine Armor
Kaer Morhen Armor
Intrige Armor
Crimson Ranger Armor
TW3 Weapondry
JRC witcher Swordpack
Billryo Swords(all you like)
NordwarUA Armors, are extremely gorgeous
Legendary Skyrim Crossbows

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