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The Lich King 52 #490733

You are Alotheil, an aspiring student who had spent most of his early years trying to learn and trailblaze new ideas concerning Magick and it's properties. Trying to tap into energies that could extend his life so that he may hoard knowledge and gain immense power that rivaled even the greatest spell weavers and warlocks of his time. Much of his study consisted of vampirism and the power that entailed, even if there were drawbacks. He had heard of master wizards in the far east, the Telvanni, the great magick casters of Morrowind. They do not shun vampires, or the study of such creatures, nor did they shun Necromancy and other "dark arts", surely they would allow him to pursue his research and perhaps aid him in furthering his arcane knowldge?

Indeed they time. It took nearly a decade to earn the trust of the House and it's Council, but it finally paid off. He spent the next five years researching ways to give him life without end, along with power unending. In the decade and a half that he had gained the trust of the Telvanni and resumed his research, he had contracted vampirism from an experiment he had conducted. He had enchanted gauntlets and boots with a Magick that would ease the burden of having to deal with the Sun's draining effect on the vampire body. They allowed him to withstand the heat of the scorching sun, while at the same time enervating his magicka reserves as compensation for stunted regeneration while in the sun.

He had summoned creatures of almost any ilk, he had even reanimated a recently deceased Telvanni wizard for a short time before quickly disintegrating the corpse for fear of anyone noticing the action. He was was an accomplished necromancer. Now however it became harder to summon creatures and lesser deadra and bind them to his will. When this occurred however, it seemed as if his magicka reserves never depleted, in fact it felt as if he had absorbed the summon as direct aetherial energy. It became more and more frequent, so frequent that he was unable to summon anything all together except for some conjured armaments and some raised corpses. He used this to his advantage however. He could absorb an atronachs raw aetherial energy to replenish his own.

He was also a gifted with skill in the Alteration school as well as being Alchemical inclined. He could bolster his already sturdy gauntlets and boots with magical armor that was as hard as iron or even ebony. Alchemy helped to keep this in check, he could brew potions that helped him regain lost health or restore magical energy altogether. He was not avid about outdoors or having to trod along the road to gather ingredients, instead he would purchase ingredients, or simply "borrow" ingredients that nobody would need or miss (Ex: bring frost salts to Arcadia so you can loot most of her stuff or just steal it). He would go out and gather ingredients when they were needed or not in stock

He then scoured the land of Tamreil to further his knowledge of the Aetherial Plane, and the secrets it has to unveil. He was captured on the Morrowind/Skyrim border and carted to Helgen for God's know what.

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