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Hircine's Huntsman 34 #490907

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Good build man. Its clear you put a lot of thought and effort into it.

By CurseNeverDying on Aug 25, 2019
#7684 Reply
Thank you!!! emoticon emoticon

By historyhud on Aug 26, 2019
#7685 Reply
Uh oh. We got trolls on this site. I don't understand why this build got a 3.7 before I saw this. This should be a 4.5 to 5. Amazing build.

Although I suggest that you dabble a bit in Alchemy since it not only enhances the build in a lot of ways, but it also fits the roleplaying aspect of being one with nature as a hunter. Another suggestion is to put the ranger perk as well. Fits the hunter slash predator vibe.

Five stars for me emoticon

By Elomar on Aug 25, 2019
#7682 Reply
Is that common here?

By CurseNeverDying on Aug 26, 2019
#7686 Reply
I hope not. There are a lot of great builds in this site that deserve attention and good ratings like this one.

By Elomar on Aug 27, 2019
#7687 Reply
Oh my goodness, thank you so much! Honestly, I never expected anyone would ever really see this. Alchemy does seem like a good edition (and a popular request)! Thanks for rating and suggesting!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

By historyhud on Aug 25, 2019
#7683 Reply
This looks like a wonderful build but I think there is a perk tree you should dabble in and that's alchemy as a good alchemist could make most bows one-shot with a sneak attack + poison. Otherwise you're good at perks

By Blademaster2019 on Aug 18, 2019
#7676 Reply
That's an excellent suggestion, thank you!

By historyhud on Aug 19, 2019
#7677 Reply
The build looks awesome, but I would make a few changes, firstly, get rid of Hunter's Disciplines and Critical Shot in the Archery, I don't think they're really very good or useful, secondly, I'd get Unhindered and Wind Walker in the Light Armor tree, this will allow you to carry a bit more, as your armour now takes up a whopping 0 weight, and you can also zoom in with your bow for longer.

Once again, this is an awesome build and these are just a few personal changes I would make.

By MaiqIsNoLiar on Aug 17, 2019
#7674 Reply
Thank you very much for your suggestions! For me personally, I take those Archery perks later on when I don't have as many other perk demands as they give just a little extra "oomf," and I didn't take those light armor perks because the light armor in this build is so light and you can much higher levels of carry weight being a werewolf anyway.

Thanks again for viewing my first build and commenting! I'm sure others will readily agree with you!


By historyhud on Aug 17, 2019
#7675 Reply