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Deathlord(Modded) 18 #491127


Backstory(taken from old build)

You are a Paladin, one of the Vigilants of Stendarr and you were patrolling in the wilderness with your team. You were on a mission to kill a group of The Mythic Dawn. Thought to be extinct but it seems their last hideout was in Skyrim. You arrived at a cave leading underground, it was filled with cultists armed with vile magic. They were performing a ritual to bring Mehrunes Dagon into to the world of tamriel, returning their cult from ambiguity and wreaking havoc upon heretics who do not praise their lord. You knew you needed to act fast so you rushed into battle with your squad of vigilants. It was a grievous battle and many died. You were the only one left except for the Cult Leader who was about to spawn Dagon on to the world of tamriel. You rushed towards him using whatever you had. The battle lasted for hours as both you and him slinged spell after spell, traded blow after blow. The battle neared to a close, both you and him were taxed beyond belief both drained of magicka, health, and stamina. You had one last strike left in you, as you rushed him once more you noticed an unsettling aura seeping from every inch of his body. You swung your blade with all your might, but it was too late. He stared at you and smiled, his grin so wide you’d think his cheeks would reach his ears, with eyes so black they seemed to be coated in midnight. He unleashed the mightiest spell you’ve ever seen, flame so strong it caused the whole cave to collapse unto itself. You were barely hanging on to life, clutching the very ground beneath you. As you drew your last breath you remembered the people closest to you. “I can’t...die, I-I have to return to...Alva...Baldur...forgive me”. The last memory you had was vengeance, you were so unsatisfied with death you denied entry to Sovngarde. 200 years later you have been mysteriously resurrected to save the world again from the firstborn of Akatosh himself Alduin, and this time you won't die.

Skill tree(SPERG)

Heavy armor
Fists of Steel - Heavy Armor gauntlets increase melee damage and reduce the stamina cost of power attacks. Gauntlets made of stronger materials have a greater effect (max 30%).
Thick Padding - When you are wearing mostly heavy armor, arrow damage is reduced by half and frost resistance is increased by 20%.
Wall of Iron - When you are wearing mostly heavy armor, enemies that strike you in melee occasionally stagger.
Warded Plate - For each piece of heavy armor equipped, there is a 5% chance for incoming fire, frost, and shock spells to deal no damage (maximum 20% chance).
Iron Will - Grants immunity to paralysis and the strongest Unrelenting Force shouts.
Ignore Pain - 20% chance of ignoring all damage from a melee attack.

Bladesman - Attacks with one-handed swords are 30% faster. Attacks with all other weapons are 15% faster.
Fighting Stance - All weapons swing 15% faster and critical damage is increased by 50% when wielding one or more one-handed weapons.
Weapon Master - Melee attacks gain unique bonuses based on weapon type. These bonuses are listed with active magic effects.

Heavy Armorer - Can improve Heavy Armor twice as much.
Weaponsmith - Can improve weapons and shields twice as much.

Long Winded - Sprinting consumes very little stamina, and power attacks cost 10% less stamina.
Trained Voice - Shouts are 50% more powerful and last 30% longer.
Master Debater - You gain 50 magicka, and your shouts prevent nearby enemies from shouting for a short time.
Legendary Skald - Time between shouts is reduced by 50%.

Ancestral Awakening - Your passive racial abilities are twice as strong, and you receive a second, awakened version of your racial power that can be used every 6 hours.
Efficiency Expert - Your magic skills increase the duration of spells in each school by up to double. Each rank in a school reduces the cost of spells in that school by 10%.
Magic Resistance - Blocks 30% of a spell's effects.
Atronach - Absorb 30% of the magicka of any spells that hit you.

Summoner - Doubles the range of all summon spells and the duration of all conjuration spells. You gain 50 health, and friendly summoned creatures gain 20% damage resistance when near you.
Dark Souls - Reanimated undead have 100 points more health and leech health from nearby enemies.
Plague Carrier - Can reanimate higher level undead. Reanimated undead spread a contagious disease that slows movement, drains health and stamina, and increases damage taken by 30%.
Twin Souls - You can have two atronachs or reanimated zombies. Every six hours, you may summon three atronachs at once or reanimate all corpses around you.

Frost Aura - Increases armor rating and frost resistance by 20%. Nearby enemies suffer 75% weakness to frost and 20% reduced movement speed.
Deep Freeze - Frost damage paralyzes targets below 20% health. 20% chance when casting a frost spell to instantly cast it a second time for no magicka.
Flowing Current - Shock spells deal 50% more damage. All spells cost 20% less to cast.

Intensity - Elemental enchantments on weapons and armor are 25% stronger.
Artificer - Artifacts consume no charge, and all other weapons consume 50% less charge. You can learn the spells of unique staves by using them.
Glittering Prizes - Weapon enchantments deal 20% more damage. You can craft unique items and modify artifacts at an enchanter.
Extra Effect - Can put two enchantments on the same item.

Resolve - Magicka regenerates 50% faster. Your restoration skill increases the duration of your restoration spells.
Concentration - Magicka regenerates at its full rate even in combat.
Necromage - Spells cast on undead are 25% more powerful and last 50% longer. (Make sure to be a vampire)
Succor - When hit, you have a 2% chance to instantly heal yourself. Once a day, when your health drops below 10% you heal 500 health instantly.
Faith - When you cast a healing spell on yourself, half of the health restored above your maximum is converted to temporary health.
Temperance - Whenever you gain temporary health from Faith, you gain an equivalent amount of stamina for 60 seconds.

Forgotten Magic Redone Spells

Healing Touch

Heals the caster 5pt per sec. for 15 sec.

Bloom: increases duration 100% and magicka cost by 50%.
Healing Stream: each tick restores extra health equal to 5% of your base magicka.
Accelerated Growth: each tick restores stamina equal to 5% of your base magicka.
Tranquility of Water: each tick restores 4-6 magicka.
Nature's Touch: instantly restores 30-40 health.

Ice Lance

Deals 25pt of frost damage to health and half that to stamina.

Arctic Grasp: decreases target frost resistance 20% for 10 sec.
Frostbite: deals damage-over-time for 8 sec. Target takes extra damage from frost spells during this time.
Cold Snap: chance to freeze the target for 5 sec. 10 sec. cooldown.
Ice Shear: deals triple damage to frozen targets.
Rage of the North: chance to increase caster's spell damage by 30% for 10 sec.

Void Bolt

Sends a bolt of dark energy at the target, causing damage equal to 15% of the caster's current health. Restores half that damage to the caster after 3 sec.

Death's Dominion: banish the target to death planes. Enemy targets take 10pt damage per sec. Friendly undead restore 20 health per sec. Lasts 5 sec.
Soul Steal: decreases target weapon damage by 30% for 8 sec.
Obliterate: deals double damage to targets with more than 80% health.
Howling Death: chance to panic the target for 6 sec
Fearsome Affliction: deals 50% more damage to feared targets.

Deathly Pall

Essence of the Void: Increases the base damage of Void Bolt to 21% of your current health.
Puppetmaster: Your undead summons cost nothing, and last 100% longer.
Visions of Death: Targets that come too close have a chance of panic for 5 sec.
Deathly Barrage: Whenever you cast a Warlock spell, there is a chance to hurl up to 3 explosive bolts of dark energy at the target.
Enslave Spirit: Reanimates corpses in a 10ft radius for 15 sec., draining 20 health per corpse from the caster.

Ancient Lich

Summons an Ancient Lich for 60 sec.

Bound Soul: increases health of lich by 3% per level.
Symbiote: increases magicka of lich by 3% per level.
Ghostly Power: increases lich spell damage by 1% per level.
Deadly Collusion: increases your spell damage 15% while lich is active.
Ice Storm: gives the lich the Ice Storm spell.

Winter Woe

Does 8 pt/sec. frost damage for 12 sec., over a 40ft area

Exposure: Reduces frost resistance by 50% for all targets.
Blinding Snow: Renders the caster invisible for the duration.
Biting Cold: Damage and casting cost increased by 25%.
Icy Tomb: Chance of freezing each target, checked once when the spell is cast.
Wind Caller: Increases duration by 50%.

Glacial Fortress

Encases the caster in invulnerable (but immobile) ice for 10 sec., to provide a respite from combat while slow-acting spells or summoned allies wear down the opposition. Some upgrade effects linger for a while after the main effect wears off. There is a 3 min. cooldown.

Recovery: Increases magicka recovery by 100% for the duration.
Recuperation: Increases health recovery by 100% for the duration.
Respite: Increases stamina recovery by 100% for the duration.
Crushing Ice: Increases frost spell damage by 50% for 20 sec. afterwards.
Permafrost: Increases the chances of Cold Snap by 50% for 20 sec. afterwards.

Andromeda Standing Stone: The Lover Stone
Secret Admirer: The Lover periodically gifts you a random enchanted weapon or armor.
Undying Love: Cheat death when slain, returning to life with full Health. This effect has a 15 minute cooldown


Using the Kynreeve Set by ElleH

Helmet, Chest, Amulet, and Ring: Enchanted with Fortify Destruction and Fortify Restoration

Hands: Enchanted with Fortify One-handed and Fortify Magicka

Feet: Enchanted with Fortify One-handed and Fortify Stamina

Weapon: Stalhrim Sword Enchanted with Chaos Damage and Absorb Health

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