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Rin Okumara 30 #491153

Raised by a Preist of Stendar after he was abandoned by his parents on the doorstep of the monastery. Rin wanted to be a priest since day one of getting there however tragedy struck when daedra demons attacked the monastery. When this happened he was led to the basement by his mentor where he was gave the Kurikara. A special sword with the power to banish daedra, monsters and other evil creatures. He also learned he was part daedra and was the son of Mehrunes Dagon. He was told to take the sword and run to Skyrim where he would find his mentors associates, the Skyrim Stendars guild. He was caught at the border and this is where your story begins.

He will wield his Kurikara, a blades sword enchanted with Fear and lightning damage. He will wear simple priest robes/robes that the stendar priests are wearing.

He will use oakflesh to get better resistance from enemies such as demons and daedra.

Race/Standing Stone:
Rin is a bosmer as he was born in valenwood where he was found by the guild. His standing stone is the Lord stone which grant's better resistance to weapons and magic. Also hes bosmer as Rin has pointed ears in the show because of his demon heritage.

He will complete all of the Daedric quests and will choose the good options of the quests to vanish their evil presence from Skyrim. He will complete the Dawnguard questline as the Stendar guild have a presence their. Additionally he will complete the Dragonborn questline as he learns Hermaeus Mora is involved. He will do the main quest to get rid of Alduins evil presence from Skyrim as it's his duty as the Dragonborn.

Alteration helps you as you'll have no armor equipped accept normal clothes. One handed to increase damage and skill with your Kurikara. Speech helps you wriggle out of any situation with your slick silver tongue whether be it trouble or a good deal. Enchanting enables to put fear on your katana to scare away daedra and other evil forces.

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