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Hekima, The Minimalist 60 #491296

Stat spread 60/40/0
Stone: Apprentice
Recommended Race: Breton
Gear: NONE

Hekima, aka The Minimalist grew up poor, stealing to survive. Being an intellectual tho, he spent his coin on learning, something that can't be stolen. As a member of the poorest subclass, he knew that what he stole, others could also steal from him, so he devoted his life to making sure that what he valued could never be stolen from him; he cares nothing about possessions - only knowledge.

Read every book you find, collect the ones you like. Use trainers every level. After completing any quest, sell, buy new spells, reduce your inventory to a bare minimum. You will craft nothing but food items in the hearthfire kitchen, if you must. No enchanted items are to ever be used unless a quest requires it.

You know some spells from all schools; Restoration is used only for healing and wards, and of course the ever useful poison rune, once acquired. Collect up a store of, and carry with you a small batch of consumables.

With the recovery perk and the apprentice stone, you have 150% Magicka Regen, with no gear at all, and a much needed weakness, which is somewhat countered by the Breton racials and alteration perks.

You should be able to complete everything in the game with careful strategy and a patient play style.

The Minimalist's play style is pretty simple. Use frenzy to make mobs do your work for you, and raise a couple corpses of the fallen, for some added confusion. Use destruction magic to take out the survivors, or against pesky dragons or other foes. Use stealth liberally, be patient and let your magicka regenerate. You are not adept at any element of damage, which means you have no preconceived notions. Use them all, situationally. If the fight is taking too long, go invisible and reassess your tactics (steal the boss weapon/armor?) while your magicka regenerates.

Use every spell school to its best effect as you progress, and use Magicka potions and keep a couple of invisibility too, for when you run completely dry and can’t cast it. Overall, sell everything, constantly. Change out your attire as you see fit, as long as it has no enchantments. The main idea is that you can send this guy into anything, naked, and he'll come out decked in goods that he scoffs at.

He’ll likely end up in charge of the college one day, and maybe the thieves guild, since he has aptitude for both, and will need to generate an income. The other factions are basically player’s choice- he could go either way...

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