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The Dragon Hunter 40 #491536

The Dragon Hunter is the direct descendant of the snow elves and atmorants. Your great-great-grandfather was the outside son of Ysgramor, Ylker after the "Night of Tears" he died believing that his beloved had died with his son. Your father was a hunter and your mother was an alchemist, your mother was always angry to your father to teaching you the art of hunt because your mother want you stay at home and study a lot of alchemy books and some magic books to become one day a teacher of Winthelheml Achademy. But your father seeing you that you have an extraordinary aim and he insist to teach you all about the bow. Finally you grow up and able to teach, you and your family went to skyrim to visit our descendant lands and enter to the college of Winterhold, but a dragon from nowhere attack your carriage near the borderland of skyrim, luckly u survive but the rest of your family didn't. Your angry for what happens inside you it a weak some mysterious power to slow the time, and start to hate all dragons. And a group of imperial saw you and they thought you was try to cross the border, they don't believe your story and took you to helgen.

Go for M:2 H:1 S:2

But you don't need much magica only in early game to use oak flesh or stone flesh

Race:Breton for the +25% Magic Resistance

Smithing are needed to forge Dragonbone Bow and Arrows.
Enchanting are need for enchant your Clothes.
Alteration it need to dual cast Ebonyflesh.
After that if u want leggendary the smithing and enchanting for the SP to put to the others skills

Novice Alteration, Apprentice Alteration, Adept Alteration, Alteration Dual Casting, Mage Armor (3/3), Magic Resistance (3/3), Stability.
Overdraw (5/5), Eagle Eye, Power Shot, Quick Shot, Critical Shot (1/3), Hunter's Discipline, Ranger.
Stealth (5/5), Backstab, Deadly Aim.
Haggling (3/5), Allure.
Alchemist (4/5), Physician, Benefactor.

Dragonbone Bow: Magika damage - Shock damage

I suggest to forge 2 dragon bow to enchant with different enchantments,for non mage enemy.

Mourner's Clothes: Fortify Alteration - Fortify Health
Mourner's Hat: Fortify Archery - Fortify Alteration
Boots: Fortify Sneak -Muffle
Gloves: Fortify Archery - Fortify Sneak
Necklace: Fortify Archery - Fortify Sneak
Ring: Fortify Archery - Fortify Sneak

The Clothes can be purchased on Solitude.

Get the Agent of Mara +15% Resist Magic

Slow Time shout it's very useful to do alot of dmg per shoot
Ethereal form if there too much enemy that caught you
Ice form for paralysis giant or tank
and for the others pick what you want emoticon

Breton has +25% Magic Resistance + The Lord Stone +25% Magic Resistance + Magic Resistance (3/3) from alteration +30% Magic Resistance + Agent of Mara +15% Resist Magic, total of 85% Resist Magic.

So you can reach the magic resistance cap.
and not wearing armor the ebonyflesh has x3 more effect + dualcast you have a good direct damage protection

Useful Potions:
Fortify Smithing: Blisterwort + Glowing Mushroom
Fortify Enchanting: Blue Butterfly Wing + Snowberries
Profit Potion: Bear Claws + Giants Toe + Hanging Moss
Resist Fire and Frost: Bone Meal + Purple Mountain Flower + Snowberries
Fortify Alteration: Grass Pod + River Betty + Spriggan Sap
Fortify Marksman: Elves Ear + Juniper Berries + Spider Egg

Hope you enjoyed the build, sorry for my bad storyteller and my bad english too i use google translator emoticon

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