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Crusader Online! 44 #491733

Reinhardt is a pretty classic-feeling tank that can fit in fantasy and futuristic settings, in terms of his playstyle! And since I never play warriors in Skyrim (guilty of being a stealth abuser lmao), and I just love Overwatch with all my heart, I wanted to make a build based about him to see if I'd enjoy playing Warrior for once!

The main gimmick with this build is you use both two handed (Warhammer) and Shield. I'm debating on Wards, though, to match the barrier Reinhardt uses, but that'd be too much magic for the build I was going for. I'm still on the fence of even using Restoration, but I felt that'd be kind of necessary when switching to shield- it's like holding barrier up to let your supports heal you!

My intended race was Nord- 2 handed, blocking, and smithing bonus. Plus Nord matches young Reinhardt's blond hair (although I intend to make old Reinhardt over young lol). Orc can also work, though, if you'd rather do that.

Your main shouts will be Unrelenting Force and Whirlwind Sprint. Whirlwind sprint is to mimic his charge ability (although you also have the shield bashing for that as well) and Unrelenting Force because that's the closest thing to a stun shout you have.

You don't have to go all the way to Daedric armor, either- Steel would work just fine for Reinhardt, but I wanted to use my favorite skin (Blackhardt) in Skyrim. So I intend on making Daedric armor. Too bad I won't be using the axe to match lol.

If you're going for a Roleplay build, this will follow Reinhardt's moral compass- protect the weak, protect your allies, vanquish evil. You are wary of and despise Dwarven Automatons, because they ransacked your village when you were a young Crusader. Don't ask why- I needed something to mimic the Omnics lol.

You can join the Companions, but you should cure yourself of Lycanthropy if you want to follow the roleplay. If not, Lycanthropy is definitely a good addition to this build! I just didn't put any perks into it because I didn't plan on using it. Might add perks later, dunno yet.

Warrior stone for obvious reasons, BUT can switch it out for the Lord or Steed stones. I recommend not using the Steed stone though, as I was going to try and make it feel as close to Reinhardt as possible- slow speed from armor and all. Again, however, it's up to you. This is just a general guide to the build, and more for me to remember which perks I'll need later. If you use it, enjoy emoticon

(I don't make builds often so any feedback is appreciated, if this tickles your fancy emoticon )

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