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Monster Of Meridia 56 #492222

You are a Breton so that means magic effects you less, a Paladin that found how far the distance between the monsters you fight and humanity really is. In despiration to kill the filth that stalks the night and slaughter innocents you became a monster yourself to slay and put to waste the supernatural. Out of monster form you use your enchanted swords or silver sword to slay them and use the fires of Magnus to burn those creatures undead. The Dawnbreaker is but a stepping stone to the sword that will bring those heathens to a end by your own creation. You are the monster, a beast in the name of Meridia.

A build based off Alexander Anderson from Hellsing Ultimate, not all elements of the anime could be used so had to change things to follow Skyrim such as the Monster part being lycanthropy. The Major skills used are One-Handed, Restoration and Enchanting. The build as of course can be changed to suit whatever your heart desires. This is definitely not the most polished build out there but due to not seeing any builds besides Alucard also from Hellsing Ultimate decided to make my own build for Anderson.

I hope you enjoy and please give critism.
Give those heathens one across the throat for me.

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