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Din Khooga 38 #492335


Its 4E, Year 174. Its the birth of Din Khogga and for the semi-prosperous family with the father being in the military making the wage of a private. Good money, but not much during times of war. The next day the Aldmeri Forces attacked and ransacked the capital city of the Cyrodilic Empire, more specifically the white-gold tower, as well as doing some horrible deeds such as murdering women and children, desecrating shrines and statues, and any other acts deemed horrendous. Din's mother need to get herself and her baby to safety, so she fled with the main army of Titus II toward Bruma. she went as fast as she could and all the while the husband was fighting amidst the chaos. By the time she got half way on the bridge she saw her husband with an elven arrow in his chest, in that moment an arrow hit her in the right shoulder then immediately started back her run, but now is headed to Chorrol. By the time she got there she was in so much pain and exhausted that she collapsed in front of the gate. Din started to cry his poor baby heart out for help. In that moment the head priest of the local chapel noticed them both, so actively he tried to heal the mother, but in vain. The pain and tiredness took her life, so the priest took in Baby Din with his name on a scrap of paper "Din Khogga". Now its 4E Year 187 Din grew up without knowing his parents, but he had figures that filled the roles of mom and dad, he learned a great deal of Alteration magic very quickly, and had decide to takes his studies to the local mage's hall to see what else he could learn. Luckily they had one position open for a student, but it was for Destruction. He really didn't like causing chaos, death, or war. "At least its not necromancy" He thought, so he took the class. To his teachers surprise he was decent at it, but as the courses got harder the wallet got lighter (expensive classes). He dropped out as an adept in destruction. Din then decide to make a trip to Bruma from Chorrol. On the way there he noticed a fairly large spider on a tree to his left. It was small compared to other spiders he heard about, but this one when for some reason he went closer bit him, and he couldn't move at all. Two people wearing a matching color scheme with one in light armor the other in heavy came to his rescue with a pure cure potion, an stood up almost immediately. They were both Fighter Guild members. One a female the other a male with the female having a bow and the male having a sword. The trained him in the arts of Archery, Blade, And Blocking with a weapon for 12 Years. In all this time he was aware of the great war, but not his parents. Up to current date of 4E Year 201 after a couple of years studying Blacksmithing with two influences of culture from history being dwarven and orcish, A good bit of the arcane was gone so he need to find some where to study the old notes he found in an old carry sack of his, and learn some new things. At the fork in the road he looked north then south, and as if by divine intervention strong winds blew north leading him to Skyrim. He didn't know much that place just that it was cold and war torn, but he followed the wind anyways. As soon as he got into Skyrim he walked into a skirmish, and all of of sudden *THWACK* on the back of the head from an imperial shield. When Din woke up he was on a cart to someplace he was unfamiliar with to be put to death. (Continued in Game)


Race: Redguard
Gender: Male
Stats: 250 290 200
Class: Battle Mage
Rank: Expert
H.Q Vlindrel Hall


HEAD: Redguard Hood
NECK: (Optional)
BODY: Redguard Clothes
FINGER: Enchanted Ring (Fortify Health +20)
HANDS: Gloves
FEET: Boots
SHILED: Orcish Shield ASAP

Scimitar (Flawless)
Dwarven Crossbow (Flawless)

Lots of health potions


Alteration: Candlelight, and Ebonyflesh
Destruction: Lightning Cloak

Elemental Furry

Quests and Factions

Main Quest
College of Winterhold


Use your cross bow to take out as many targets as possible, then switch to the flesh-cloak combo and cast both at the same time. As soon as they are casted whip out your sword use Elemental Furry to slice and dice the rest of your foes
Please give feedback and tell any thing, just nothing negative. This is my first build, so a lot of time and testing went into this build. leave ideas for anything on the next build

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