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Ana The Shield Maiden 75 #492374

Name:Ana Swift-Axe


Stone: Warrior stone then Lover stone until all skills are maxed and last the Lord Stone

Personality:Lawful Good, she likes to help people, joke and chat with them and her friends, she doesnt like the Stormcloaks for their ideals but she doesnt aggree that Talos's worshipping should be banned,she hates all evil doers Skyrim has to offer. She also enjoys the company of Serana, her only undead friend,she dislikes the Blades and wont kill Paarthunax, she sees him as a mentor and the Greybeards like father figures.

Equipment:War axe,bow, any arrows, Shield, Light armor, any enchanted ring or necklace you find from looting

Houses:Any house or land available for purchase

Factions:Companions of Jovarskr, Imperial Legion, Dawnguard.

Children:Any adoptable child, though she is very fond of Lucia and Sophie

Followers:Lydia, Jenassa, Serana

Spouses:Any Male Npc

I updated the build a bit removing Alchemy and Enchanting, i thought that it isnt that good to have this build using skills like the ones i mentioned above, Ana must be a survivor not depedent on potions or enchanted equipment she is a Nord after all , though you are free to use any potion you find when looting.I added Archery as a main skill because i thought she wouldnt have anything at disposal to fight dragons when they are flying or when you want to kill giants or any tough creature you meet in Skyrim.

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