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Ana The Shield Maiden 75 #492374

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I think you've got yourself a good build here. My suggestion would be to cut back on the perks. At level 77 Im sure there a number of perks the build doesn't quite need given the information you've provided on the character. I personally think you can go on just fine without enchanting or alchemy. Its generally unnecessary to invest in all three crafting skills.

By CurseNeverDying on Oct 17, 2019
#7700 Reply
Ok thanks for the suggestion! I think you are right, though it is hard for me to play without any kind of healing or enchanting xd, i got used to them pretty much.

By Bogdan98 on Oct 17, 2019
#7701 Reply
Thanks for the comment! Well i am pro Imperial, so that's why i wanted her to Join the Imperial Legion, i think the Empire is weaker without Skyrim. emoticon

By Bogdan98 on Oct 15, 2019
#7698 Reply
I wouldn't expect a shield-maiden to join the Imperial Legion. But I like the idea of her fighting for the empire using some Nord tactics.

By ACtheVIKING on Oct 15, 2019
#7697 Reply