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Viking Berserker 29 #492482

Race: Nord (obviously)
Factions: Companions, Dark Brotherhood, Stormcloaks
Recommended Shouts: Unrelenting Force, Ice Breath, Dragon Aspect, Elemental Fury (if you choose to not enchant your weapons)

Playstyle: The Viking Berserker rushes into battle with dual axes swinging. Initiating dual power attacks to quickly weaken your opponent. this is a melee build, so it isn't too complex. You will want to be able to move through the battlefield quickly however, so you will need to have a lot of stamina.

Gear: You will want heavy armor, so I recommend Nordic Carved Armor for aesthetic. You can also use Dragonplate or Stalhrim. for a helmet I recommend the corresponding helmet. You can use Daedric if you so choose because of its high defense, but I don't think it fits the build. You will want dual axes, so go with dragon bone, unless you just want to match your armor. The enchantments are as you see fit, but i would use fortify health, fortify stamina, and fortify one-handed. The rest of the enchantments are up to you. Your axes can be enchanted with whatever. But if you want to show those pesky mages who's boss, Put Shock and Damage/Absorb Magicka on each Axe. Just completely deplete their Magicka reserves. Remember, Elemental Fury does not work if your weapons are enchanted

Backstory: The Viking Berserker's Father was a dual wielder in the Legion against the Thalmor. He was well respected in the legion and was a Legate. He would cut the Thalmor down with his swords. None opposed him. Until the battle at the Imperial City. That's when everything changed. After a few more years in Cyrodiil, he left back home to Skyrim. There hos wife was waiting for him. They later had a son. They lived outside of Falkreath, near the Jerall Mountains. The Father trained the Viking Berserker in the art of dual wielding. However, the Viking Berserker's family still worshiped Talos. One day, while they were visiting a Shrine of Talos, they were ambushed by the Thalmor. His Mother and Father fought bravely but were overwhelmed. The Viking Berserk, only 15, ran to Cyrodiil. He spent his teenage years in Cyrodiil, harboring a hatred for the Empire and the Thalmor. He later returned to Skyrim only to be captured by Imperials and carted off to Helgen. When he escapes he finds out he is Dragonborn. He believes this is the gods' way of saying "The Empire has disobeyed us, destroy them." His Hatred Grows, but So does his Skill. He will destroy the Empire one way or another.

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