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Viking Berserker 29 #492482

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Hey I'm new here and I'm trying to get my build to appear in my account I don't have much on it but its being a little pesky any help would be greatly appreciated thanks! emoticon

By GoldenSpider on Oct 23, 2019
#7704 Reply
What you exactly need help with?
IF you want it to show up you need it to be public. in order for it to be public you need a thumbnail

By ACtheVIKING on Oct 24, 2019
#7705 Reply
The thumbnail would be the 5 digit number under the image correct if so its still not doing anything to put my build in the search or in my account if you could give me a step by step I could be missing something thank you again.

By GoldenSpider on Oct 24, 2019
#7707 Reply
well, you need an excerpt and you need to click the box that says "make my build public"

By ACtheVIKING on Nov 1, 2019
#7715 Reply
as a note Elemental Fury works best if your weapons are NOT enchanted. Correct me if im wrong, i might be thinking of something else

By ZodinAurum on Oct 13, 2019
#7695 Reply
You are correct. the shout doesn't work if weapons are enchanted. I will fix that. I dont know how i overlooked that

By ACtheVIKING on Oct 14, 2019
#7696 Reply