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The Warden 49 #492537

Race: Nord or Imperial
Factions: College of Winterhold, Companions, Empire
Recommended Shouts: Unrelenting Force, Cyclone, Fire Breath, Ice Breath

Playstyle: You are gonna want to start off with an Atronach of your choosing. Flame and Storm are good for range, While Frost is good for soaking up damage. You will only need one, because you will be doing a lot of the fighting yourself. Once your Atronach is summoned, Go ahead and charge into battle. The Bloodskal Blade is capable of ranged attacks. But you don't have to use that. Your heavy armor should keep you alive. Just start swinging that sword! No necromancy is used in this build.

Gear: First off, armor. For armor you will want a full set of Nordic Carved Armor (minus the helmet), fully upgraded. For the helmet, you will be using the enclosed Imperial helmet. It is named Imperial Helmet, but it has a unique look. It covers the face, that way none of the Stormcloaks can put his face on a wanted poster. The weapon you use is up to you. You can use an average Greatsword with any enchantment you want, or you can use the Bloodskal Blade. Whatever you choose, it should be fully upgraded. The Greatsword is my favorite two handed weapon, but you can use a Warhammer or Battleaxe, if you so choose.

Backstory: The Warden was born in Cyrodiil. His Mother and Father were decently wealthy, but very humble people nonetheless. His father had was a guard at a prison, and would sometimes bring his son along to the prison. The young Warden enjoyed hearing stories of different prisoners. He didn't like what they did, but he found it interesting. His mother was a Battlemage, and he learned conjuration magic from her. He learned from both his parents about the importance of the Empire. When he became of age, he left his family and went to Skyrim. He was captured by the Imperials and carted off to Helgen. He escapes and decides the only way to survive in Skyrim is to fight. He learns he is Dragonborn, and believes that it is his duty to protect people. Because his parents were loyal to the Empire, he wanted to make them proud. So he joined the Empire to fight against the Stormcloaks. He will side with the Dawnguard to destroy the Vampire menace. He will also complete the Dragonborn DLC and Kill Miraak.

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