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The Puppet 32 #492784

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Oh okay so in a sense a puppet master build a person, group, or country that covertly controls another. so anything that would fit this particular build character (Throw Voice for example and bribery just to name some) thinking alchemy to use in this build as well.

By GoldenSpider on Nov 1, 2019
#7713 Reply
Ok thanks Spider, I'll try to have the build up tomorrow emoticon

By LifeSmith on Nov 1, 2019
#7714 Reply
This is the Puppeteer build?

By GoldenSpider on Nov 1, 2019
#7717 Reply
Its an incomplete build it is up for outside sources to make it a good build

By GoldenSpider on Oct 28, 2019
#7711 Reply
Is that incomplete build ? or you need background like something ? can you tell us what kind of creativity you need because its look already done with your creativity. Except that I'd just suggest sneak and haggling ranks

By clawshaper on Oct 28, 2019
#7710 Reply
Your build unlocks 50 - 55 leveled enemies which is can be hard for who has 1/5 rank of sneak, also 1/5 haggling means your golds usually rises below your level

By clawshaper on Oct 27, 2019
#7708 Reply
Is this a creative Idea or you just telling me what it will be? just curious cause I am looking for some creative ideas for this build.

By GoldenSpider on Oct 27, 2019
#7709 Reply
What claw is saying is that you need to modify your perk points to make the skills most effective, and 1/5 on the first perk of sneak is ineffective on higher level opponents. If you want I can polish this build for you, just describe what you're looking for in the build description

By LifeSmith on Nov 1, 2019
#7712 Reply