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Thor, Odin's Son 47 #492948

Race: Nord (Roleplay as Atmoran)
Factions: Companions, Stormcloaks, College of Winterhold,
Recommended Shouts: Unrelenting Force, Storm Call, Battle Fury

Playstyle: Mace in Right hand, Shock spell in left hand. That's the main way to play. But you can also use just your mace or just spells at times. But it isn't Thor without his "Hammer". Since there aren't any one handed hammers in Skyrim, use a mace. It is the closest thing to his hammer.

Gear: Heavy armor is a definite. I would use either Nordic Carved Armor or Steel Plate. For a helmet, Use either a steel plate helmet or an ebony ebony helmet. You can also use the nordic carved helmet. Enchantments would be Fortify Destruction on Head, Chest, Necklace, And Ring. Fortify One Handed on Arms, Feet, Neck, And Ring. Put Fortify Magicka on Head, and Fortify Magicka Regen on Chest. Put Fortify Unarmed on Hands, and Fortify Carry Weight on Feet. For a weapon, Use a Mace. Since there aren't any hammers that are one handed, you should use a mace. A Nordic Mace would suffice, but you could also use another mace of your choosing. But if you want, you can use thye Stalhrim Mace. it looks the closest to Mjolnir.

Backstory: Thor is from a Clan of Atmorans known as the Aesir. Their leader, Odin Allfather, Sent his son Thor to Skyrim, because he had a vision of the Dragons returning. He heads to the Skrim and arrives on the Northern Coast. He heads south and is eventually caught by Imperials. He is taken to Helgen and is lined up to be executed. Alduin attacks and Thor knows his father was correct. He escapes Helgen and realizes he is Dragonborn after killing his first dragon. He knows it is his destiny to kill Alduin and save Tamriel. He will side with the Dawnguard to kill the Vampires. He will also do the Dragonborn DLC.

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