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Archangel 56 #493079

Race: High Elf or Breton
Factions: Companions, Dawnguard, College of Winterhold, Either side of the war (civil war is optional)
Recommended Shouts; Unrelenting Force, Fire Breath, Ice Breath, Cyclone, Storm Call, Dragon Breath

Playstyle (Combat): This playstyle is kinda new to me because I've never really used Alteration. But you will want to use a flesh spell in the beginning. You can also use Paralysis spells to help with hordes. You will want to bring out Stendarr's Aura in Crypts and Vampire Lairs. Then, when you are ready for the Melee Combat, Bring out your two-handed weapon. I prefer Great Swords and sometimes Battleaxes. War Hammers are a no go for me, but you can use them if you choose. Start Slashing, Hacking, and Smashing.
Playstyle (Personality): Is it really an Angelic build if your character is a jerk? No. The Archangel is a kind individual. Never use Intimidation. Never do anything immoral, unless you can justify it. Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild are a no, and do not keep the werewolf curse either. You can marry anyone, but the Archangel doesn't trust men so much. But she can get over her mistrust if she finds the right guy. But if not, she can always marry a woman.

Glass Two-Handed Weapon: Any Enchantments
Ebony Armor, Gauntlets, Boots: Fortify Alteration & Resist Disease; Fortify Two-Handed & Fortify Smithing; Fortify Two-Handed & Fortify Carry Weight
Necklace, Ring, Circlet: Fortify Alteration & Fortify Smithing; Fortify Alteration & Fortify Smithing; Fortify Alteration and Fortify Magicka

During the Merethic Era, Alduin was banished. The Ancient Nords had hoped he would be banished forever. But he was not. He resurfaced in 4E 201. Akatosh foresaw his return, and convened with the other Divines. They decided to finally meddle in the affairs of Mortals once more. but Akatosh had been weekend from the battle with Mehrune Dagon. The Divines decided they would make a hero. They created a Divine Spirit. Akatosh gave the Spirit the Dragonborn Abilities and the other Divines poured some of their essence into the Divine Spirit. They sent the Divine Spirit to Nirn a few years before Alduin was to return. The spirit found a Female High Elf, named Avariel. She had been beaten and abused by her husband and she called on the Divines for help. Her prayers attracted the Divine Spirit, and it possessed her, turning her skin a darker color and her eyes pure white. The Archangel had been created. Her husband was confused as to what happened. He went to strike her, but she grabbed his wrist, twisted his arm, and broke it at the elbow. She left, speaking in a beautiful and reverberated voice. She said, "I have not time for the basic scum of Nirn." She proceeded to leave. She made her way to Skyrim and was caught on the border and taken to Helgen. She knew now was the time. She didn't fight back. When she was about to be executed, Alduin showed up and she escaped. She needed gear and training. She will help the people of Skyrim in any moral way possible and destroy any evil in her path.

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